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In this somewhat hurried but still comprehensive NEW ISSUE, it was necessary to focus exclusively on the “big picture” in the broad markets. That includes not just my take on the evolving banking mess and the regulators’ early responses, but specific looks at corporate debt, gold’s spike and oil’s plunge.

As you’ll read, I come to a conclusion that what is evolving will be somewhat in between of what 2 extreme camps are predicting. Yet with markets lately having aggressively priced in one of those extremes–a full-on panic by the Fed which will be manifested on Wednesday or soon thereafter–I am of a mind that some recent strong moves will reverse.

Due to that there are NO changes at present to any of my portfolio mix or recommendations; all are as they were in the last regular issue. That could well change without any further notice; we’ll see, among other things, what Fire Marshall Jay has to say at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Wednesday.

Following this–and provided I don’t get further diverted as has been the case with all this in recent days–I’ll be catching up on final edits (and some needed modifications/updates given events of recent days) to my New FAANGs Special Report and Uranium-centric one, as well as other specific company news in order of urgency and near-term relevance.



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