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Most any portfolio has elements along the way we could call good, bad and ugly. We try to keep the latter two to a minimum, of course! But that hasn’t been the case as much in the recent past; and as you know, I may still decide to trim some dead wood in the days ahead, even as (with First Phosphate just recently) I add ones here and there that will hopefully make it into the “good” category.

Happily, recent days have given us some better news and even performance on a number of good fronts, though. Piecemeal in the coming days I’ll be updating you on them as well as the bad and ugly ones. This morning, I want to start off with a couple especially good key movers in the critical metals space and the biggest move we’ve seen in any position in a while: that being IperionX and its monster surge yesterday.

The company’s share price spiked WAY into new all-time-high territory yesterday on THIS NEWS that IperionX will be supplying titanium parts to Ford’s “performance” division. This is the highest profile collaboration for the company yet; and it clearly woke up some investors who have been sleeping through this evolving story.

Quoting from the press release, “…Ford recently joined the First Movers Coalition, a global initiative to harness the purchasing power and supply chains for innovative clean industrial materials technologies. The First Movers Coalition leverages the collective purchasing power from the 50+ foundation companies – that includes Volvo, Airbus, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft – to send a clear demand signal necessary to scale-up critical emerging technologies essential for the net-zero transition.”

There was a reason why I especially highlighted IperionX even before the release of my big New FAANGs piece, which also contained a profile on that company along with others I’m recommending. As I wrote, C.E.O. Taso Arima is already a proven “jockey”–and the increasing trajectory of the company’s progress couldn’t remain a secret for long.

As you see in the above chart, at one point IPX shares had tripled early on before settling back. I received several emails and texts yesterday morning asking my opinion whether it would be wise to take some money off the table in that big spike. My answer: While nobody ever went broke taking profits, this interlude for IperionX, to me, is akin to when Frontier Lithium was catching fire and surging past $1/share back when. As you remember, I regularly told people NOT to take 3, then 5 and even more times their money on Frontier because we still had a very long ways to go.

Ditto for IperionX.

We did far better ultimately when I finally did advocate some profit-taking last year at FL’s peak near C$4/share even as we passed up some selling opportunities along the way. Whatever IPX may correct back to and however smart it may look now for those who did sell at/near yesterday’s peak, be mindful that this story is only beginning.

Slowly but surely, as the realization sets in that we need to bolster domestic control of supply chains, etc., concerning many critical materials, IperionX and its story are emerging as a leader in titanium; and more so, given the “green” bona fides of IPX’s recycling process. DON’T get too cute trading this only to miss the much bigger gains I am confident remain in the months and years ahead.

Another of our New FAANGs featured companies–Fireweed Metals–has been on the move for days no, albeit in less dramatic fashion than IperionX. FWZ was out itself yesterday with some BIG NEWS: a second world-class resource of tungsten now, to go along with one (and BOTH still slated to grow) where zinc is concerned.

Rather than reinvent the wheel here for now, I commend to you THIS DISCUSSION from yesterday where C.E.O. Brandon Macdonald sat down with Eric Coffin to discuss this tungsten resource at Mactung.

Though FWZ has already been a relative outperformer in what has otherwise been a punk environment for resource juniors generally, it likewise has a long and bright future ahead of it.


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